The Blind Spot One of the most dramatic experiments to anypne is the demonstration of the blind spot. The blind spot is the area on the retina without receptors that respond to light. Therefore an image that falls on this region will NOT be seen. It is in this region that the optic nerve exits the eye on its way to the brain.

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Is there improvement with the cup is closer to the subject?

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In a bright room, ask students to separate the caps into piles of similar caps. Sit at a table with your subject. With your lookin eye, look at the s on the right side, starting with the "1.

Here's another example of creating an afterimage. With one eye closed, try to touch the end of the pencils together.

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The diameter of the tube should be about 0. It is actually easier to see a dim star at night by looking a bit off to the side of it.

slovakia seeking 2 Just glue the wrap or wall paper to a piece of card board to get yourself a "Color Card. Do you see a vase or a face in the figure below? So if you look "off-center" at the star, its image will fall on onr area of the retina that has more rods! You can also use samples of gift wrap or wall paper to make color or pattern cards.

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Here is another example of the same illusion. Escher who is teh for his drawings of illusions and impossible figures. The red dot will move from the left to the right and disappear and reappear as the dot moves into and out of your blind spot.

This shows that different images fall on each eye. Some "good" couples fight all the damn time, because they believe in getting their tje across and remedying situations — as it should be. Find out with this interactive picture. Which arc is larger? What color are they?

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What happens if you focus on a dot? You will need a JAVA-capable browser. We see the lines as different because we have been "taught" to use specific shapes and angles to tell us about size. To find your blind spot, look at the image below or draw it on a piece of paper:. The other photoreceptors in your eye, called cones, are the ones that are used for seeing color.

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The cones do not work in dim light. Light is bent further by the lens of the eye in a process called accommodation. Wait about 10 minutes maybe listen to some music while you wait.

The blind spot is the area on the retina without receptors that respond to light. The space in the middle of the vertical lines will disappear.

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Look at an object in the distance feet awaysuch as a clock on the wall. Is your score better when you use two eyes? Hold the tube right next to the bottom of your left "pointer" finger in between you thumb see figure below. To noe an image into sharp focus on the retina, the lens of the eye changes shape by bulging out or flattening. To demonstrate the difference of using one vs.

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Sounds like something out of a Shakespeare play and we all know those endings are pretty disappointing. After the lists are read, each team will get five minutes to search the room for colored objects that the other teams did NOT find.

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It's not as though they come along with a neon that flashes "I'm the right one for you," above their head. A flatter lens refracts less light. The Magic Cube Look at the center cube. Keep your head still, and with your left eye, look at the other s.