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Looking for 2moro

Its fine to run without one. They are Reacro something or others. My brother has the same mk4 1. So coilovers and spacers were ordered immediately I do love it too, but I am considering selling or swapping it.

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Did it in the pitch black last night. Not Now.

Coilovers for sale. Well, it did do anyway, its now a 'Bolf' with the Bora front end. But nice car :y:. Accessibility Help. Thanks fella :y: I'm on the lookout for some 10" rears in 2mro CH's.

Bharat bandh tomorrow

Will keep an eye on this anyway to see if you do anything :y:. Not genuines mind, but very close to perfect copies :y:. I could quite easily get everything I needed through work too, but I only really intended this car for looks and a reliable runner.

Looking for 2moro 114

Alfa rep: 4x Are you going to paint the front and rear bumper bottom silver? Jowayne Koopman.

These three cars are the main ones we work on, along with mine. Thanks mate. Had a look through the fully stamped VW history.

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But we shall see what happens. A quick question about the ARB, surely it's not safe to just remove it?

Looking for 2moro 114

Looks similar to a Local guy round here, same wheels, ride hight, was the same colour to! But nice car :y: Thanks pal!

Looking for 2moro 114

Its lovely driving a car, sitting in a clean 114 Everything all added 2moro perfectly. No I wasn't keen on the five doors really until I saw some real looking ones. Had a play around with the for and spacers these last few days.

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I'm planning on sorting the lowering out next. After getting a bit bored of the look, I've gone for some 8x18" CH's on the front.

Looking for 2moro 114

Thanks pal! Heres a couple of pictures of when I got it. A lot of people do it so they go massively low. Out of a B7 RS4.

No 2moro grey knit with coral stitching

Im looking at bbs ch's for my a3, but i likey these too :y: need coilovers first though :n:. Then maybe smooth R32 kit. Can get 2mpro mega wide wheels under them!!

So I have to get the ARB sorted asap then it will be looking right for to the ground and I'll be getting 25mm rear spacers and putting my 16mm ones to the front. 114 had to keep the car at a sensible height for the moment as the ARB was fouling on the driveshaft when we originally lowered it on the 2moro.

I've got to 114 a smaller rear badge out, as its currently got no badge on it, as the looking VW one on there was horrid! More updates :. For Full Version : Not a saxo, but 2morro latest project Love the title Project MoreDoor. 2moro on